What iIIRG means to its members

Below you will find some testimonials from iIIRG members about what iIIRG means to them.  You can also read some interviews that have been conducted with members here.  If you’d like to send us a testimonial, please e-mail: enquiries@iiirg.org.

I owe IIIRG a huge personal debt.   Many years ago, I was a Detective Constable in a Midlands Police Force.  I considered myself to be an experienced, professional investigator and like many others, I was guilty of thinking academics were for trainers and senior officers, not for mere detectives. I attended the iIIRG conference in Middlesbrough in 2009, where I spoke to Ray Bull, Becky Milne, Dave Walsh and many others.   Not only did I learn things, but they actually asked me questions and were interested in my opinions!  Evertone encouraged my interest in resuming formal learning, something I had not done for nearly thirty years.

I would like to pass on my thanks to everyone at the iIIRG for their help and encouragement. I am passionate about encouraging officers from all ranks to forge links with academics.   Having been there, I understand how difficult it is for working investigators to access new ideas or look-up from their desks to see what is happening elsewhere in the world.  As investigators, we need to view academics as colleagues, helping develop new investigative strategies and proposals, and academics need to understand the limitations placed on investigators and attempt to liaise with them in a more accessible way. There is still often a gap between theory and practice, but an organisation like the iIIRG goes a long way to building a bridge and that can only be to everyone’s advantage.

Mick King
Lecturer in Criminology
University of Derby, UK.
E: M.King@derby.ac.uk

Being a member of the iIIRG from the very beginning in 2007 has helped me to meet a vast number of amazing researchers and practitioners from around the globe. I count these colleagues among my very valuable contacts, and some are now close friends; for development of my research interests and ideas, but most especially for my own self-education as it relates to issues in interviewing. Although the focus of the group is very specific – investigative interviewing – the variety of research projects conducted by its members is amazing and I always look forward to hearing about the excellent and cutting-edge work at the annual conferences.

Dr. Sonja Brubacher
Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Psychology
College of Humanities & Social and Behavioral Sciences
Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant, MI
E: bruba1sp@cmich.edu


iIIRG uniquely brings together academics at the cutting edge of investigative interviewing research and practitioners with real-world experience.  As I strongly believe that research and practice are interdependent in the field of psychology and law, my iIIRG colleagues have been invaluable in both the continued development of my ideas, and the implementation of my research projects.

Megan Sim
PhD Candidate
University of Cambridge