Call for studies to iIIRG members – efficacy of the Self-Administered Interview (SAI)

My name is Chelsea Hughes and I am a research assistant at Swansea University working with Dr Ruth Horry (Swansea University), Professor Lorraine Hope (University of Portsmouth) and Professor Fiona Gabbert (Goldsmith’s, University of London). We are conducting a meta-analysis on the efficacy of the the Self-Administered Interview (SAI) and we are requesting information about […]

Goldsmiths University Forensic Psychology Unit Event

Eminent Monsters Screening Goldsmiths University Forensic Psychology Unit are holding a fascinating event of interest to all iIIRG members who are encouraged to attend The screening and Q&A will take place on  Friday 6th December 2019 between 18:30 – 22:00 With special guests Mark Fallon, Gavin Oxburgh, Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos and Jo Kenrick all of whom will be taking questions […]

An educational video to guide child witness interviewers and interpreters – A new iIIRG-funded resource!

Title: An educational video to guide child witness interviewers and interpreters Description: This research project was funded in 2019 by the iIIRG Networking Grants. This project developed an educational video (the Interpreting Children’s Voices) aiming to support the high demand for interpretation services in investigative interviews. A new collaboration between Dr. Marilena Kyriakidou (Sheffield Hallam University, England) […]

Request for participants who work with the police or criminal law in England and Wales

My name is Chandra Byatt and I am a Newcastle University student currently completing my MSc in Forensic Psychology looking for participants for my dissertation study. My study is examining differing opinions on what makes a ‘good quality’ investigative interview. I am in need of participants from England and Wales who work either with the […]

Resources for Interpreter-Assisted Interviews

Forensic Linguists at the University of East Anglia have created a useful resource for interpreter-assisted interviews. This resource, under the TACIT (Translation and Communication in Training), is available from this link:

Invitation to take part in an online study – call for practitioner research participants

Invitation to take part in an online study – call for practitioner research participants Title of Study: How would you evaluate a witness statement? Duration: self-paced but no longer than 15 minutes Researcher: Dr Feni Kontogianni, Prof. Lorraine Hope, Department of Psychology, University of Portsmouth Objective of the study We are seeking fluent or native English practitioners for a study investigating factors that affect the way people perceive […]

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