Networking Grants Application

  • Before beginning your application, please read the Terms & Conditions and the Assessment Criteria below carefully. The deadline for submission of applications is 29 November 2019. Successful applicants will be informed of the outcome by 20 December 2019.
  • Terms and Conditions

    Eligibility. Teams must comprise at least one academic applicant and one practitioner applicant per bid. Applicants must be members of iIIRG. At least one applicant should be available to present the proposed research at the 14th Annual Conference of iIIRG (2021, location TBC), and/or write an article about the project for publication in the iIIRG journal (Investigative interviewing: Research and Practice).

    Eligible costs. Eligible costs include any reasonable items deemed essential for the project. Examples of items not eligible for funding include institutional overheads (including indirect costs), computer hardware, computer software, publication costs, payments to the applicants. Awards will not be made retrospectively. To avoid duplicating efforts and wasting resources, funding for the same proposed activity must not have been obtained elsewhere. All costs must be fully justified and based on estimated costs.

    Assessment process. The applications will be blind-reviewed by at least two members of the iIIRG scientific and executive committees.
  • Assessment Criteria

    Applications will be judged on the following criteria:
    Quality. Is the activity well planned? Are aims and deliverables realistic and clearly described? How will the activity be delivered, and how it will be evaluated?
    Mutual benefit. Is it clear how the activity has potential to benefit the participants, as well as other stakeholders and end-users? What is the theoretical and/or practical significance of this project? Are potential impacts clearly explained?
    Relevance. Is the proposed activity relevant to the field of investigative interviewing?
    Feasibility. Is the proposed activity feasible within the time-frame, and available funds?
    Sustainability. To what extent does the project and its outcomes have potential to continue to engage participants (if appropriate), and/or lead to on-going partnerships or new research after the period of funding?
  • Academic Applicant/s Details

  • (For group projects, include the name of the project lead first)
  • Practitioner applicant/s details

  • (For group projects, include the name of the project lead first)
  • Project Details

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  • Please state proposed start and end date.
  • Maximum request £1000 GBP