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The iIIRG-S is passionate about bringing its student members together and this can be achieved through the sharing of information and resources.

One of our aims is to provide useful information and advice to students with a shared interest in investigative interviewing. Below is a list of various resources, which is by no means exhaustive so if you have any information that you would like to add then please just let us know.


There are a number of universities across the world that are well-known for specialising in psychology and law. The list below is intended for undergraduate students and potential postgraduate students, who are looking for places to study/research within the field of investigative interviewing.


Centre for Forensic Linguistics, Aston University

Forensic Psychology MSc and Doctorate, University of Birmingham

Department of Social and Developmental Psychology, Cambridge University

Criminal Investigation MSc, University of Derby

Forensic Psychology MSc, University of Kent

Investigative and Forensic Psychology MSc, University of Liverpool

Forensic Psychology MSc, London Metropolitan University

Forensic Psychology BSc, London South Bank University

Forensic Psychology MSc, Middlesex University

Forensic Psychology, The Open University

Forensic Psychology BSc, University of Portsmouth

Forensic Psychology MSc, University of Winchester

Forensic Psychology BSc, Staffordshire University

Forensic Psychology MSc, University of Surrey

Forensic Psychology BSc and MSc, Teesside University

Applied Forensic Psychology MSc, University of York


Criminal Justice BSc and Applied Criminology MSc, Alliant International University: California School of Forensic Studies

Forensic Psychology BS, Arizona State University Online

Forensic Psychology BA, Arizona State University Online

Forensic Psychology MSc, Arizona State University Online

Forensic Psychology MSc, California State University

Forensic Psychology MA, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Forensic Psychology Doctorate, Deakin University, Australia

Forensic Psychology MA, University of Denver

Forensic Psychology BA, Florida Institute of Technology

Research Unit for Criminal, Legal and Investigative Psychology, Gothenburg University, Sweden

Forensic Psychology MA, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York

Forensic Psychology MSc, Maastricht University, Netherlands

Graduate programmes in Law and Forensic Psychology, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Forensic Psychology BCJ and MACJ, Tiffin University, Ohio

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