iIIRG Member Interviews

Welcome to our Member Interviews page


Every year, we aim to interview one academic and one practitioner member (or a combination of both). These interviews are a wonderful opportunity to listen to leading experts with extensive knowledge and experience within their fields. The interviews also provide students with an opportunity to ask their own questions.

Previously, we have been very fortunate microphoneto have interviewed Martin Vaughan, who has experience as a police officer and an academic.


Martin has presented at investigative interviewing conferences across the UK on numerous occasions since 2009.

The presentations have included:

  • Use of Interpreters in a suspect interview
  • Dealing with vulnerable suspects
  • Psychology of sex offender behaviour and the impact on the investigative interview
  • Psychology of ‘fire starters’ in homicide investigations
  • Interviewing Psychopaths
  • Effective Interviewing of Child Witnesses
  • Planning and preparation for interviews
  • Conducting an investigative interview


To read Martin Vaughan’s interview, click here.

If there are any particular questions that you would like to ask in future member interviews, please contact your student representative, Beth Parsons, at: b.parsons@iiirg.org