iIIRG-S Funding & Awards

Congratulations to the 2018 Porto Annual Conference best research award winners!

Charlotte Hudson’s research was entitled: ‘You know it takes two: Understanding variance in interviewer and witness performance’.

Gary Dalton’s research was entitled: ‘999, what’s your emergency? An examination of frontline emergency communication in fire and rescue services control rooms’.


Well done Charlotte and Gary!


Congratulations to the 2017 California Annual Conference best research award winners!

Francesco Pompedda’s research was entitled: ‘Improving investigative interviews in alleged CSA cases. Simulated investigative interviews with avatars as solution of some practical problems’.


David Mount’s work was entitled: ‘Transfer & Application of Investigative Interviewing Core Skills: A Case Study’.


Well done Francesco and David!

Congratulations to the 2016 London Annual Conference award winners!



Annina Heini won the poster prize for her research: ‘A Comparative Study of Police Investigative Interviews with 17 and 18 Year Old Suspects’.


TanjaTanja van Veldhuizen won the prize for best research entitled: ‘Where are you from? Questions Asked by the Dutch Immigration Service to Assess Credibility of Claims about Origin’.

Well done Annina and Tanja!



Awards and funding are given to students to encourage participation at iIIRG events. The iIIRG understands the importance of recognising students’ hard work and encourages all of its student members to apply for prizes at the Annual Conferences.

  • PhD Student Bursary Scheme: The iIIRG offers a small number of bursaries to PhD students who wish to attend the iIIRG Annual Conference. This is a brilliant opportunity to receive financial support in order to enable you to attend the event at a much lower cost. We encourage early applications as these bursaries are very popular! If you are interested in applying for a bursary, please click here.


  • Poster Award (for posters being presented at the conference): This award is given to the best poster presented by a student at the iIIRG Annual Conference. The posters are judged by members of the iIIRG Executive Committee. This is another great opportunity to have your hard work recognised within the group. For further information about how to submit a poster application, please click here.
  • Paper Award: This is given to the best student presentation at the iIIRG Annual Conference. The presentations are judged by members of the iIIRG Scientific Committee. This is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your presentation skills and be recognised for these skills. Often, oral presentations are seen as being a less enjoyable aspect of academic work and therefore receiving a prize in acknowledgement of a high-quality presentation may ease the process for future presentations. For further information about how to submit a paper for oral presentation, please click here.
  • Article Award: The iIIRG-S presents this award to the best student article submitted to the iIIRG Journal. The winning article is published in the Journal and this is therefore an ideal opportunity for students to have their work read by both academics and practitioners within the field. For further information, please click here.

For tips on giving a successful conference presentation, visit: Talking the Talk