Conference Keynotes 2016

Confirmed Keynotes

This year will involve three keynotes from international experts.

Mark-KebbellProfessor Mark Kebbell, Griffith University, Australia

Professor Mark Kebbell is Chief Investigator with the Australian Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security. He is a Chartered Forensic Psychologist and a Registered Psychologist in Australia.  Professor Kebbell’s research expertise is in the area of the investigation and prosecution of serious crime. His previous work has included writing the guidelines for police officers in England and Wales (with Wagstaff) for the assessment of eyewitness evidence and a review of factors associated with sex offending. He has worked on more than seventy criminal cases, principally involving murder or serious sexual assault, and has given expert evidence on numerous occasions including uncontested psychological evidence in an Old Bailey appeal case. He is the Editor, with Professor Graham Davies of the book “Practical Psychology for Forensic Investigations and Prosecutions” published by Wiley.

photo MHProfessor Maria Hartwig, John Jay College, New York

Maria Hartwig completed her graduate training in her native Sweden, where she conducted empirical research on social perception and judgment in legal settings. In 2006, she joined the faculty of John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She has published research on the psychology of deception and its detection, and on interview and interrogation techniques using a broad sample of lay people, legal professionals and prison inmates. She has also carried out extensive training of a variety of legal professionals, including prosecutors, judges, police detectives and intelligence and military officers. She is an editorial board member of Law and Human Behavior, and Legal and Criminological Psychology. In 2008, she received an Early Career Award by the European Association for Psychology and Law, and in 2012, she received the Saleem Shah Award for Early Career Excellence in Psychology and Law, awarded by the American Psychology-Law Society and the American Academy of Forensic Psychology.

Michel_de_SmedtMichel De Smedt, Director of Investigation Division, International Criminal Court

Michel De Smedt started at the International Criminal Court in The Hague in 2004 initially as head of the Analysis Section but his responsibilities were soon expanded to also cover planning and operations related to the investigations.  Since 2006 he has been heading the Investigation Division. He holds a Masters Degrees in Criminology and one in Business Administration. He also has succeeded in the officer’s training at Belgian Royal Military Academy and at the Royal Gendarmerie Academy, and the Senior Officer’s course at the Royal Gendarmerie.

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