Additional Tickets

For spouses and others NOT participating at the conference

iIIRG is happy to announce that we have received requests from spouses and others accompanying the conference delegates. You are more than welcome and the NPUC Conference Centre is offering you the following:


Tuesday 25th JuneWelcome reception
Wednesday 26th JuneLunch and dinner
Thursday 27th JuneLunch and conference dinner (including three glasses of wine/beer)
Friday 28th JuneLunch

To order this package, you need to book and pay directly to the Centre. The contact person is Irene Haugrud and she can be contacted directly by phone on: (+47) 33 20 60 00 or e-mail:

Some of the en-suite rooms at the Conference Centre also have an extra bed. For booking rooms with the extra beds, please contact Mrs Haugrud directly on: (+47) 33 20 60 00 or e-mail:

iIIRG is unable to assist in this matter. If the person in the extra bed will be attending the conference as a delegate, s/he needs to book the bed via Irene Haugrud. In addition, s/he also will also need to register for the conference. Register for the iIIRG conference for this alternative by selecting the conference without accommodation option.

Special needs, wheelchair accessible rooms

The NPUC Conference Centre have some rooms that are wheelchair accessible. For more information please contact Irene Haugrud by phone: (+47) 33 20 60 00 or e-mail: