Masterclass 2019

Intelligence Debriefing: Cooperation, Memory & Elicitation Techniques 

Duration: 2 days

This two-day pre-conference Masterclass will be led by Professor Lorraine Hope and Mr Wayne Thomas. Designed with practitioners in mind, this Masterclass will examine some of the important psychological features to consider when eliciting intelligence information. From basic cognitive and memory factors through to reluctance, cultural challenges, cooperation and contextual pragmatics. The Masterclass will explore the efficacy of investigative interviewing tools and techniques in the intelligence-gathering context and introduce, via interactive exercise, some novel debriefing approaches, including the Timeline Technique.

Who should attend:

  • Policy makers, trainers and practitioners in the fields of investigative and intelligence interviewing
  • Researchers working in the field of applied memory and investigative interviewing

Lorraine Hope is Professor of Applied Cognitive Psychology at the University of Portsmouth and a core member affiliated with the Information Elicitation programme of the UK National Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST) ( Over the past 20 years, her research has resulted in the development of innovative tools and techniques, informed by psychological science and practitioner need, for eliciting information and intelligence across a range of investigative contexts (e.g. Timeline Technique, Self-administered Interview, Structured Interview Protocol). In terms of impact, she regularly delivers tools, research, evaluation and training for investigative interviewing and information elicitation in international policing, intelligence and security sectors, including for inter- and multi-national agencies.

Wayne Thomas is a research psychologist with 29 years of operational experience. He spent 12 years as a UK police detective, specializing in the investigation of serious and organized crime and the use of covert policing methods. This was followed by 17 years working in counterterrorism investigations around the world.

To apply for a place, please click here.  Places are very limited for this popular Masterclass.

There are a limited number of Masterclass bursaries available for iIIRG members wishing to attend this Masterclass.  If you wish to apply for a bursary, which covers all conference fees (including accommodation during the conference), please complete the bursary application form.