iIIRG Executive Committee

The iIIRG Executive Committee is made up of various academic, practitioner and student members.  All members of the Executive Committee are volunteers.  The main role of the Committee is the overall day-to-day mangagement of the group and its finances, but also to facilitate liaison between academic researchers and practitioners, in addition to other activities being conducted by members.

FullSizeRender (3)Dr. Genevieve Waterhouse
Director and Co-chair
Lecturer, University of Winchester, UK


IMG_0532Gary Pankhurst
Director and Co-chair
PhD Researcher, Newcastle University, UK


fullsizeoutput_91cProfessor Gavin Oxburgh PhD
Past Chair (Apr 07 – Jul 19) and Co-founding Director
Registered Forensic Psychologist
School of Psychology, Newcastle University, UK


TrondAssistant Chief of Police Trond Myklebust PhD
Past Deputy Chair (Apr 07 – Jul 19) and Co-founding Director
Norwegian Police University College, Oslo


dr_fiona_gabbert_b&wProfessor Fiona Gabbert
Chair of the Scientific Committee
Professor of Applied Psychology, Goldsmiths University, London 


pic for bio (1)Professor Lorraine Hope
Strategic Advisor
Professor of Applied Cognitive Psychology, University of Portsmouth, UK


saul kassinProfessor Saul Kassin
Strategic Advisor
Distinguished Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York


RobertDr. Robert Horselenberg
II-RP Journal Editor
Assistant Professor, Maastricht University, NL


Beth - profile picture

Beth Parsons
Student Representative
PhD Candidate, University of Winchester, UK