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Invitation to book launch for THE JOURNEY to the LIGHTHOUSE “A holistic service for children who have experienced child sexual abuse”

CORRECTION: The book launch is the 26th November, not the 25th. Apologies for any confusion.

You are invited to a virtual book launch on 26th November at 6pm

If you have time you are asked to pre-register on the ChildHub registration link:

If you would like to buy a copy of the book you can head to or Amazon (see flyer attached for details).

Call for studies to iIIRG members – efficacy of the Self-Administered Interview (SAI)

My name is Chelsea Hughes and I am a research assistant at Swansea University working with Dr Ruth Horry (Swansea University), Professor Lorraine Hope (University of Portsmouth) and Professor Fiona Gabbert (Goldsmith’s, University of London). We are conducting a meta-analysis on the efficacy of the the Self-Administered Interview (SAI) and we are requesting information about any unpublished studies that may be eligible for inclusion. Studies may be eligible if they aimed to do either of the following:
• Determine if the information elicited by an SAI differed from information elicited from other recall techniques (e.g. free recall, cued recall) in terms of quantity of accurate and inaccurate details and in terms of accuracy
• Determine if subsequent reports, obtained after a delay, differ between participants who did and did not complete an SAI in terms of quantity of accurate and inaccurate details and in terms of accuracy

Other relevant criteria include:
• Participants being randomly allocated to complete the SAI or to a comparison condition (e.g. no recall, free recall, cued recall or another recall condition)
• The use of a mock crime paradigm or filmed or live event with known ‘ground truth’ (allowing for scoring of correct and incorrect details)
• Participants completing the SAI in the same experimental session (i.e., within one hour) as witnessing the event
• At least one of the three dependent measures is reported: i) number of correct details; ii) number of incorrect details; iii) accuracy of report
• Written in English

If you have any unpublished studies that you would be willing to share, please email Chelsea Hughes at