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Request for participants who work with the police or criminal law in England and Wales

My name is Chandra Byatt and I am a Newcastle University student currently completing my MSc in Forensic Psychology looking for participants for my dissertation study. My study is examining differing opinions on what makes a ‘good quality’ investigative interview. I am in need of participants from England and Wales who work either with the police force or within criminal law. As a participant you will be asked to complete an online questionnaire (approx 15-20 minutes) giving anonymous answers surrounding what in your opinion makes a good investigative interview and which, if any, of the 5 interview transcripts  provided are of good quality and why. The aim of the study is to gain information on the English and Welsh investigative interview system from the perspective of legal professionals in an attempt to better the interviewing process in future.

Chandra is looking for participants to complete the survey by the 5th August.

12th Annual Conference 2019

Here you will find a selection of presentations presented at the iIIRG Annual Conference 2019, at the Norwegian Police University College Conference Centre in Stavern, Norway.  Please note that iIIRG accepts no responsibility for the content of the presentations – the presentations were written by individuals (or groups) and reflect their own individual viewpoints and arguments and are not the express views of the iIIRG.


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