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Investigative Interviewing: Research and Practice

The next edition of the iIIRG’s journal – Investigative Interviewing: Research and Practice is now available via the Journal Tab on the  website – remember that you will need to log onto the website to access this and previous editions. If you would like to submit an article for a forthcoming edition, please go to the iIIRG website where all information can be found. If you would like access to this and previous editions of the Journal, please consider joining this specialist and unique group.

5th Annual Conference 2012

Here you will find a selection of presentations presented at the iIIRG Annual Conference 2012, Toronto, Canada.  Please note that iIIRG accepts no responsibility for the content of the presentations – the presentations were written by individuals (or groups) and reflect their own individual viewpoints and arguments and are not the express views of the iIIRG.

Conference Programme 2012

Keynote Talks

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Ainsworth & Memon

Bull & Leahy-Harland



Dion & Cyr

Driskell (1)

Driskell (2)

Fisher, Rivard, Leins & Pludwinski

Hirn, Fisher & Carol



Snook & Barron

Wachi & Lamb

Walsh (1)

Walsh (2)

Wright Whelan, Wagstaff & Wheatcroft